I have a paper (just 1,500 words) due Tuesday, and part of it requires reading Iris Chang‘s The Rape of Nanking. Sigh. I keep putting it off, I really don’t want to write this paper >_> I took the class because it seemed interesting, but I should have dropped it when I found out it’s actually a Gordon Rule and Intercultural course. As an upper-division transfer, I actually don’t need this class at all. But, History of Asia looks good for my major, so I guess I should just deal with it. The semester is almost over anyways.

I have to go get groceries. It’s already April, but the temperature over the past two weeks has gone no lower than a solid 83, and it’s supposed to be 90 on Wednesday. I’m really not a fan of hot weather. I miss the few days we had where it was 30 (or less) degrees. But of course, we can never get what we want.