Loreal Paris Colour Riche Balm review

My friend W and I went to CVS today after our Chinese exam, because, well, we’re students who really have nothing better to do :p

I originally wanted to get a tube of mascara but it was all so expensive! I saw there was a promotion for Loreal where you get $5 extra bucks for the first $10 you spend on the brand, so I picked up the Colour Riche lip balms I’ve heard so much about!

After much debate on which shades to get (there are only six or seven, if I remember correctly), I decided on shades 819 Caramel Comfort, a sweet nude color, and 518 Tender Mauve, a, well, tender mauve :p

819 Caramel Comfort on the left, and 518 Tender Mauve on the right

The swatches look so pretty, don’t they?

Well, too bad they aren’t so great for me. While they’re super smooth (for the most part) and make my lips feel incredibly hydrated, there is so much SHIMMER! You can even see some of it in this photo! Tender Mauve especially, I could feel the shimmer on my lips and it feels pretty uncomfortable. The way the light reflects it makes my lips look ridiculously huge, as well. It may be a good thing for thinner-lipped ladies, but not for me. Sadly, I’ll have to return them.

Rating: C+

Better luck next time around, I guess.

If the product sounds like something you’d like (really, just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean these balms aren’t excellent otherwise), you can find them at any major drugstore or supermarket. I bought mine for $7.49 each.