Candy guilt and randoms

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at the Publix by my apartment, and candy, along with Dove ice cream, was BOGO.

Damnit. I fell for the trap.

I ate four Dove bars yesterday and I don’t even know how many Hershey’s chocolate nugget things =_= That’s all I ate yesterday! I didn’t even eat real food! Then, of course, I had a terrible stomachache at the end of the night. I gave the rest of the sweets to my Nigerian roommate.

Why do I do this to myself? I know I’m going to want to die later! Eating like that makes it hard for me to work out, my memory gets all funky, and I get constipated (tmi?). Oh well. I’ll just think of it as a bad day. Today I’m back to normal. There has to be some weird drug in processed candy that makes me not want to stop eating it.

Out of sight, out of mind.

I’m never buying that shit again =_=

Other than that, I’m probably meeting up with Selena tomorrow so we can go to the Mall. Yay! I need to go get my eyebrows cleaned up (I don’t want as sharp of an arch as last time) and I need to go buy a few things for my apartment. I also realized while looking at myself in the mirror (what? I’m a girl!) that MY HAIR HAS GROWN! Of course, that’s something that’s naturally supposed to happen, but my hair has grown much quicker than I thought it would after I last colored my hair (which, by the way, now I have to look through my timelines and see when I last colored it so I know if it’s safe or not to go back to black.) So I may as well pick up some hair dye tomorrow. I wish I could just do it at the salon, but they charge too much at Topper’s and I don’t really want to try AVEDA. How can I make a mistake with black, anyways? In the summer, however, I will get it done professionally because I want a nice light brown color and am too afraid to bleach my hair myself. My mother did it for me in middle school but of course, she swears up and down the street that she never did. Such is life.

Okay well! Tomorrow I will post a haul post (including last week’s purchases) and maybe some camwhore photos with Selena. Woop woop!

I should think of a closing line for my posts. Hmm.