Oh, did I say a week?

I think I meant a month >_<

I’m finally back in school, and while I haven’t attended many classes (I should really go to class more often…) I’m excited for the semester! Getting straight A’s will be a little hard, but I’m sure I can at least manage making the dean’s list.

There’s been some difficulty with my financial aid. It was supposed to have been disbursed last week, yet here I am, still poor T_T At least I was able to go grocery shopping so I won’t starve. I spent $99.83 on food. I have never spent so much before! I was able to get a lot of stuff too. I made a promise to myself that I won’t eat out this semester unless I’m with someone else for lunch, or when I go out with my roommates. This way I can save a lot of money, and help out my waistline. It was eating out that caused me to gain 30 pounds over the past year that I’ve been in college, and I’ve had difficulty getting rid of it. I’ve been going up and down over the past few months with my weight, but hopefully I’ll be back to my pre-university weight by Christmas, if not sooner.

The other day I went to the mall with my roommate Jennifer and her friend (our friend?) Kewanda. It was actually a lot of fun! While I did feel a little uncomfortable at times, the trip was an overall huge success. Kewanda got her makeup professionally done for the first time ever at Chanel, she looked great! I was really happy for her.

I ended up buying a ton of stuff >_>;; I originally just wanted to get my toner from Clinique, but I ended up buying a foundation and liquid eyeliner at MAC; the toner along with a sunblock at Clinique (I even got a free bag of goodies!); and a lipstick, perfume, and eyeliner at Chanel. All in all, I spent roughly $230 on my Dillard’s card. Sigh. I wanted to buy a new tv, but that definitely isn’t happening anymore. Oh well, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchases regardless.

My mom is in the market looking to buy a new car for me. I’m so excited, but trying to not get my hopes up too much because you can never be too careful. Our house has a sinkhole so she was going to use some of the money from the check to get me a car since I need one. Too bad the guy is being really weird and refuses to sign the check =_= I’m positive that that’s illegal, but I’ll just let my mother deal with it while I wait for my little piece of freedom :p

Well, that’s it for my update! I’ll post again with pictures of my purchases, hopefully by this weekend since I have a Chinese exam coming up on Wednesday that I have not studied for at all.