I should keep a smile on my face.

I’ve been so stressed out with school lately, I’m surprised my hair hasn’t fallen out yet. I took my philosophy of religion midterm today, and let’s just say…. I was given extra time to finish and I still didn’t finish.

It’s spring break now, but Monday I’m going to talk to an advisor about my options and see what I can do about my classes. The deadline for drops without grades has passed, so I’m kind of… okay, really screwed unless my professor is nice, sees that I’m suffering, and gives me some alternative so I can somehow salvage my grade.

Other than that, I guess I’ve been okay. I was really upset earlier though so I went to the mall and bought a few things. I should do a haul post. I’ve actually been meaning to do one, but meh. I always forget to. Yesterday I also bought the Korean Candy MAC cremesheen that I’ve been wanting for ages after seeing it on Karen@Makeupandbeautyblog’s page. It’s such a pretty orangey-coral-red. I positively love it.

My stress has really been killing me lately x_x I’ve gained ten pounds since I last weighed myself (sadly I can’t remember when that was, maybe a month ago? I should keep better track of these things). This really sucks. But for now, I’m just cutting out all sugars and drinking plain coffee with milk or just plain water. I gave up bread, so at least I’ve got that going for me. I do need more fiber, however.

What a long day. It would be nice to take a nap, but I just ate a few minutes ago and I don’t want to feel like throwing up later if I go lay down.

My mood is so down, this sucks. Maybe I’ll go watch some Real Housewives on tv. Well, only if it’s Atlanta. I don’t like any of the other ones 😦



My American roommates have been giving me major unwarranted attitude lately, especially the blonde one. She doesn’t clean up after herself, always forgets to turn off the hallway light, and turns on the air conditioner/heater whenever she feels like it. Sorry, but just because YOU’RE hot doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Go take a shower or change clothes. Electricity is expensive. When I went to confront her and say that she had the AC on 70*, she practically bit my head off. What the heck? I’m sorry that I have to pay my bills myself and I don’t have my mother doing it for me?!

The other one I guess is just irritated, but she needs to get over it. So she was locked out for twenty minutes, not my problem. If she had gone to the office, they would have opened the door for her. It isn’t even hot outside. I’m really losing patience with this one especially because she knows how much I’m suffering here yet still won’t lend a helping hand and just finds things to complain about, when I’ve been very accommodating. Oh well. That’s just life with roommates. And even if it does bother her, there’s no way I’m going to stand by and have her line up her alcohol on the kitchen cabinet where everyone can see. That is so trashy. I wasn’t raised that way and I don’t want that shit in my house.

Okay, I’m done bitching. I went over to Winn Dixie and bought some groceries which was nice. I finally have milk! It’s been so long. I want to buy soda, maybe I’ll get some tomorrow or something.

Anyway going to shower because I smell from sweating so much earlier, then… I don’t know. My room looks like a tornado passed through. When I’m stressed, sad, or feeling uneasy, my room will always show it. And wow. It is definitely showing it.

I had such a good day today!

Yeah Chiefs and bathroom roomie woke up me, BUT!

  • I made the impossibly long walk from my apartment to the garnet stop while carrying two ridiculously heavy packages that needed to be sent to amazon.
  • Went to the Chinese language table at the SLC! Finally! 
  • Saw Kia! She switched from pre-med to psych, she’s much happier, which was nice to hear. She told me Fattie is still super busy =/ I miss her.
  • Went to the mall with Helen to go.. shopping?
  • Ate a gyro yummmmm
  • Bought a concealer from MAC!
  • Bought underwear at victoria’s secret!
  • My satin pillowcases came in!!

This is where I include pictures of my smiling face with my new purchases, but I just got out of the shower and my camera is in my purse, super far away.

Also, I went to the mall to buy concealer, a small crossbody bag, and a black zip hoodie.

I only bought the concealer lol.

But I had fun anyways 🙂

I’m sick! D’:

I came home yesterday afternoon, ate a delicious Publix apple danish, and took a nap. When I woke up from my nap, my head felt foggy and congested, and I was sniffling up a storm. I’m sick, and feeling miserable 😦

Sigh. I didn’t go to class today because of it. I have missed class so much this semester! UGH! I need to stop. At least I’m waking up early without any problems now, though. But seriously, if it isn’t one thing, then it’s another.

I ordered some pho from a local (the only) restaurant that sells it, thinking some hot soup would make me feel better. Nope. I won’t say it tasted bad, but there wasn’t an adventure in my mouth. It just tasted… bland. The same. No differences in texture because the meat and vegetables were over-boiled, and no varieties in flavor because… I have no idea. It was very disappointing.

Right now I’m hating my life. I have some Publix tylenol that I bought a few months ago when I was last sick, but that stuff doesn’t work! I’m wondering if I should go and make the walk to Winn-Dixie, but to be quite honest, I don’t want to leave my apartment because I feel that sick. Still, since my throat gets so sore, I’ll probably make the ten minute walk there anyways.

Here’s to hoping I’m not dying on Monday.


Went to Topper’s on Pensacola, in the plaza with Aveda and Gold’s Gym to get a haircut yesterday. I had a black girl do my hair because the owner had a family emergency, and she was really nice! Though it was kinda annoying how everyone in the salon kept commenting on how long my hair was, how thick my hair was, and that I had a lot of hair. Not cool. I felt uncomfortable and saying that is definitely not necessary. Anyways, maybe I’m just too sensitive. Other than that, I like how she styled and cut my hair, and she had a lot of energy. She didn’t talk too much, but she kept conversation going. All in all, it was pretty pleasant. I paid $50, and I gave a $15 tip, standard, I think. Anyways when I walked up the hill to panera, I noticed my roots started to curl! But probably because it was really humid outside? I don’t know. Sigh. She should have used anti-frizz serum.

Got home and noticed that she didn’t even make my part straight, either.

Yeah, next time I go, I’m definitely having the owner do my hair.

Also, because when I asked how much it would cost to have someone color my hair, I found out it would cost $150 plus because of the work involved ;_;

Sooooooo I’ll just dye my hair myself, at home. Not like I’m doing a crazy color like blonde or anything, so I should be fine.

Btw, here’s a picture of my frizz after I got home and hair color, lol. It’s a little faded now since I did it in October, but I like how it’s turning out, don’t you think?

BUT OMG MY HAIR IS SO LONGGGG D:< Makes me not want to cut it 😦 I want to do the cut Tiffany from SNSD had during their Tell Me Your Wish promotions. So pretty, so simple, sigh.

I also painted my nails red but that’s another post for another day because I haven’t uploaded those pictures from my camera yeet.


I got my eyebrows threaded (first time! I usually wax them or have my mother tweeze them) today. I love how they look! The woman did such a great job, though when she got to the bottom, it hurt like hell =_=

I also went over to the MAC kiosk and bought one of the mattenes, legendary, which I’ve been coveting for FOREVER (okay, more like since a little before the new year). I LOVE IT. IT’S SO PRETTY OMG. When dabbed on, it’s like a rose color, sooooo pretty. With one or two coats, it looks red, and with three + coats, it is a beautiful burgundy color. I thought I wouldn’t like it because it’s a fairly mature shade, but WOW. I am in love.


So… how do these introduction entries go?

My name is Valeria. I’m Hispanic, 20, and a junior in university.

I’m so cool I can’t control myself.

My hobbies include spending hours upon hours of practicing my Chinese, watching Korean dramas, and cooking. Well, eating. I’m also trying to get fit and lose the (undisclosed) amount of weight I’ve gained since I turned 16. But don’t worry, I didn’t gain a ridiculous amount. At least I’m telling myself I didn’t.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I would really like to be happy. And a badass. But, I guess happiness comes first.

MyPrettyRui will be a blog about anything and everything that I want, enjoy, and admire. Not exactly a journal, not exactly a diary, it’s more like… I don’t know. Regular documentation? Memories? An index?

I have no clue.

You can reach me on Twitter at @wanliway, or through e-mail at wanlirui.91@gmail.com.

Glad to meet you~