Oh, did I say a week?

I think I meant a month >_<

I’m finally back in school, and while I haven’t attended many classes (I should really go to class more often…) I’m excited for the semester! Getting straight A’s will be a little hard, but I’m sure I can at least manage making the dean’s list.

There’s been some difficulty with my financial aid. It was supposed to have been disbursed last week, yet here I am, still poor T_T At least I was able to go grocery shopping so I won’t starve. I spent $99.83 on food. I have never spent so much before! I was able to get a lot of stuff too. I made a promise to myself that I won’t eat out this semester unless I’m with someone else for lunch, or when I go out with my roommates. This way I can save a lot of money, and help out my waistline. It was eating out that caused me to gain 30 pounds over the past year that I’ve been in college, and I’ve had difficulty getting rid of it. I’ve been going up and down over the past few months with my weight, but hopefully I’ll be back to my pre-university weight by Christmas, if not sooner.

The other day I went to the mall with my roommate Jennifer and her friend (our friend?) Kewanda. It was actually a lot of fun! While I did feel a little uncomfortable at times, the trip was an overall huge success. Kewanda got her makeup professionally done for the first time ever at Chanel, she looked great! I was really happy for her.

I ended up buying a ton of stuff >_>;; I originally just wanted to get my toner from Clinique, but I ended up buying a foundation and liquid eyeliner at MAC; the toner along with a sunblock at Clinique (I even got a free bag of goodies!); and a lipstick, perfume, and eyeliner at Chanel. All in all, I spent roughly $230 on my Dillard’s card. Sigh. I wanted to buy a new tv, but that definitely isn’t happening anymore. Oh well, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchases regardless.

My mom is in the market looking to buy a new car for me. I’m so excited, but trying to not get my hopes up too much because you can never be too careful. Our house has a sinkhole so she was going to use some of the money from the check to get me a car since I need one. Too bad the guy is being really weird and refuses to sign the check =_= I’m positive that that’s illegal, but I’ll just let my mother deal with it while I wait for my little piece of freedom :p

Well, that’s it for my update! I’ll post again with pictures of my purchases, hopefully by this weekend since I have a Chinese exam coming up on Wednesday that I have not studied for at all.


Attack of the duckface.

I was told I look like IU in the picture. Lol, no. Maybe the eyes, that’s it.

And hey straight hair even though you can’t see it! Woot. My hair is so long, oh my gosh. It’s almost to my butt. I definitely don’t want to cut it now 😦

I’ve drafted up a review for some of my favorite lipsticks, that should be up today or tomorrow.

It’s been a while!

Well, finals are over, my grades were terrible, and I have a new roommate. But it’s ok! I’m okay.

I was really depressed these past few months, but I’ve learned that life is just going to keep moving. I’m going to get older, my days will get better (or worse), and I’ve just got to try and improve on what I don’t like as much as I can.

I cut my bangs today. I cut… a lot. A little too much, I think >_> I need to trim the rest of my hair, but I’m sort of really broke at the moment. I have to get things with school sorted out first. I’m going to straighten my hair today or tomorrow, so I guess I’ll post a picture later on. I want to color my hair again! It’s such an ugly, splotchy thing right now. I want it to be like Secret’s Hyosung’s hair color during their “Love is Move” promotions. It’s a purple-ish color and I think it’s so pretty! And definitely not something I would normally do. I just wish I knew a trustworthy place here where I could get it done.

Anyways, I’m just going to lay around in bed for a while. I have to go to the stadium tomorrow (it’s going to be so hot! I hope garnet is running…) to get my things sorted out. Maybe I’ll do a vlog? 🙂


It’s the week before finals, and I’m so stressed, ugh! Sometimes I feel like pulling a Britney and shaving my head :p

I haven’t been doing much lately, though I’m in Strozier right now killing time and charging my phone.

So! Let’s talk about a recent problem I’ve been having. I colored my hair back to black a few weeks ago (after that failed brown attempt in February…) and…my hair hasn’t quite been feeling as it usually does. For the first two weeks after coloring, it felt like I had Barbie doll hair, and it’s SO DAMAGED. I think it might be from the ammonia and the fact that I colored exactly six weeks after the previous time? But eesh! I have ridiculous split ends and my hair feels like straw instead of the soft, lustrousness that it was before 😦 I have to get a haircut, I know, but I have too much I need to deal with right now to go and do that. I wish I had someone who could just cut my hair for free. But, I don’t, so I have to deal with it. I’m going to do a coconut oil treatment today or tomorrow to see if that will help at all. I could just trim my split ends myself a la Daven Mayeda (look him up on youtube!), but I think that will be weird…. What if I mess up, you know? Though lately I’ve had my hair up in a bun because of how bad it looks so I guess it won’t make much of a difference.

My phone is decently charged, I’m going to head out. What should I do?

Until later.


I have a paper (just 1,500 words) due Tuesday, and part of it requires reading Iris Chang‘s The Rape of Nanking. Sigh. I keep putting it off, I really don’t want to write this paper >_> I took the class because it seemed interesting, but I should have dropped it when I found out it’s actually a Gordon Rule and Intercultural course. As an upper-division transfer, I actually don’t need this class at all. But, History of Asia looks good for my major, so I guess I should just deal with it. The semester is almost over anyways.

I have to go get groceries. It’s already April, but the temperature over the past two weeks has gone no lower than a solid 83, and it’s supposed to be 90 on Wednesday. I’m really not a fan of hot weather. I miss the few days we had where it was 30 (or less) degrees. But of course, we can never get what we want.

Loreal Paris Colour Riche Balm review

My friend W and I went to CVS today after our Chinese exam, because, well, we’re students who really have nothing better to do :p

I originally wanted to get a tube of mascara but it was all so expensive! I saw there was a promotion for Loreal where you get $5 extra bucks for the first $10 you spend on the brand, so I picked up the Colour Riche lip balms I’ve heard so much about!

After much debate on which shades to get (there are only six or seven, if I remember correctly), I decided on shades 819 Caramel Comfort, a sweet nude color, and 518 Tender Mauve, a, well, tender mauve :p

819 Caramel Comfort on the left, and 518 Tender Mauve on the right

The swatches look so pretty, don’t they?

Well, too bad they aren’t so great for me. While they’re super smooth (for the most part) and make my lips feel incredibly hydrated, there is so much SHIMMER! You can even see some of it in this photo! Tender Mauve especially, I could feel the shimmer on my lips and it feels pretty uncomfortable. The way the light reflects it makes my lips look ridiculously huge, as well. It may be a good thing for thinner-lipped ladies, but not for me. Sadly, I’ll have to return them.

Rating: C+

Better luck next time around, I guess.

If the product sounds like something you’d like (really, just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean these balms aren’t excellent otherwise), you can find them at any major drugstore or supermarket. I bought mine for $7.49 each.

I need a better hobby.

My boyfriend says I need a hobby.

Well, I always thought that blogging, shopping, and watching foreign dramas were good hobbies, but apparently they aren’t. So, I’ve decided to take up sewing and knitting. Why not, right? They’re valuable skills. I also want to get certified in CPR and first aid, so I’ll look for some classes offered in my area.

To be honest, I’m really bored with my life at the moment. I can’t seem to do anything right, even the things that I like. I need something to keep me busy. But at least the days are getting longer so I can stay out more. That’s one good thing.

As a recap for this past (incredibly uneventful save for one day) spring break, I went “window-shopping”, went on an adventure that tested my physical strength, and practiced my Chinese. I don’t want school to start, but I need to be productive so I won’t complain.

Anyway, here are my previous purchases as promised:

Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel with pump. The actual product is at my sink and my roommate is there so I’m just putting the photo of the box. $24.50 at Clinique counters or online.

MAC Sheen Supreme in Korean Candy (repromote). I LOVE this color! Wow! It’s a nice pinky-coraly-orange. Looks very orange on me, but it is so perfect. Has a nice finish and is very moisturizing. $14.50? at MAC counters and online.

From left to right: Rimmel Lasting Finish pro nail polishes in 230 Hot Cocoa, 270 Steel Grey; MAC Sheen Supreme in Korean Candy; Bath and Body Works body lotion in Sea Island Cotton; Maybelline waterproof ultra liner in dark brown; Garnier Fructis curl sculpting cream gel; Revlon top sped fast dry nail enamel in 430 Chili; Rimmel Lasting Finish pro nail polish in 240 English Rose; O.P.I Avioplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil; Revlon multi care base+top coat; Keychain for school spirit!; and MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in stubborn brown. I bought everything either at CVS, Amazon, and the mall.

Last, but not least!

Long sleeve vnecks ($6.80) and plain black cami ($2.80) from Forever21.

Thinking about it, doesn’t it look like I do a lot of shopping? Uh oh. Well, some of the polishes I bought in January, and the rest I bought over the time span of roughly six weeks.

I’ll be reviewing the nail polishes possibly tomorrow or Tuesday! But don’t hold me to that, I keep procrastinating…

For now, I’m just going to clean up my room a little (probably) and get ready for school tomorrow. Yay. I think.

Candy guilt and randoms

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at the Publix by my apartment, and candy, along with Dove ice cream, was BOGO.

Damnit. I fell for the trap.

I ate four Dove bars yesterday and I don’t even know how many Hershey’s chocolate nugget things =_= That’s all I ate yesterday! I didn’t even eat real food! Then, of course, I had a terrible stomachache at the end of the night. I gave the rest of the sweets to my Nigerian roommate.

Why do I do this to myself? I know I’m going to want to die later! Eating like that makes it hard for me to work out, my memory gets all funky, and I get constipated (tmi?). Oh well. I’ll just think of it as a bad day. Today I’m back to normal. There has to be some weird drug in processed candy that makes me not want to stop eating it.

Out of sight, out of mind.

I’m never buying that shit again =_=

Other than that, I’m probably meeting up with Selena tomorrow so we can go to the Mall. Yay! I need to go get my eyebrows cleaned up (I don’t want as sharp of an arch as last time) and I need to go buy a few things for my apartment. I also realized while looking at myself in the mirror (what? I’m a girl!) that MY HAIR HAS GROWN! Of course, that’s something that’s naturally supposed to happen, but my hair has grown much quicker than I thought it would after I last colored my hair (which, by the way, now I have to look through my timelines and see when I last colored it so I know if it’s safe or not to go back to black.) So I may as well pick up some hair dye tomorrow. I wish I could just do it at the salon, but they charge too much at Topper’s and I don’t really want to try AVEDA. How can I make a mistake with black, anyways? In the summer, however, I will get it done professionally because I want a nice light brown color and am too afraid to bleach my hair myself. My mother did it for me in middle school but of course, she swears up and down the street that she never did. Such is life.

Okay well! Tomorrow I will post a haul post (including last week’s purchases) and maybe some camwhore photos with Selena. Woop woop!

I should think of a closing line for my posts. Hmm.

I should keep a smile on my face.

I’ve been so stressed out with school lately, I’m surprised my hair hasn’t fallen out yet. I took my philosophy of religion midterm today, and let’s just say…. I was given extra time to finish and I still didn’t finish.

It’s spring break now, but Monday I’m going to talk to an advisor about my options and see what I can do about my classes. The deadline for drops without grades has passed, so I’m kind of… okay, really screwed unless my professor is nice, sees that I’m suffering, and gives me some alternative so I can somehow salvage my grade.

Other than that, I guess I’ve been okay. I was really upset earlier though so I went to the mall and bought a few things. I should do a haul post. I’ve actually been meaning to do one, but meh. I always forget to. Yesterday I also bought the Korean Candy MAC cremesheen that I’ve been wanting for ages after seeing it on Karen@Makeupandbeautyblog’s page. It’s such a pretty orangey-coral-red. I positively love it.

My stress has really been killing me lately x_x I’ve gained ten pounds since I last weighed myself (sadly I can’t remember when that was, maybe a month ago? I should keep better track of these things). This really sucks. But for now, I’m just cutting out all sugars and drinking plain coffee with milk or just plain water. I gave up bread, so at least I’ve got that going for me. I do need more fiber, however.

What a long day. It would be nice to take a nap, but I just ate a few minutes ago and I don’t want to feel like throwing up later if I go lay down.

My mood is so down, this sucks. Maybe I’ll go watch some Real Housewives on tv. Well, only if it’s Atlanta. I don’t like any of the other ones 😦


My American roommates have been giving me major unwarranted attitude lately, especially the blonde one. She doesn’t clean up after herself, always forgets to turn off the hallway light, and turns on the air conditioner/heater whenever she feels like it. Sorry, but just because YOU’RE hot doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Go take a shower or change clothes. Electricity is expensive. When I went to confront her and say that she had the AC on 70*, she practically bit my head off. What the heck? I’m sorry that I have to pay my bills myself and I don’t have my mother doing it for me?!

The other one I guess is just irritated, but she needs to get over it. So she was locked out for twenty minutes, not my problem. If she had gone to the office, they would have opened the door for her. It isn’t even hot outside. I’m really losing patience with this one especially because she knows how much I’m suffering here yet still won’t lend a helping hand and just finds things to complain about, when I’ve been very accommodating. Oh well. That’s just life with roommates. And even if it does bother her, there’s no way I’m going to stand by and have her line up her alcohol on the kitchen cabinet where everyone can see. That is so trashy. I wasn’t raised that way and I don’t want that shit in my house.

Okay, I’m done bitching. I went over to Winn Dixie and bought some groceries which was nice. I finally have milk! It’s been so long. I want to buy soda, maybe I’ll get some tomorrow or something.

Anyway going to shower because I smell from sweating so much earlier, then… I don’t know. My room looks like a tornado passed through. When I’m stressed, sad, or feeling uneasy, my room will always show it. And wow. It is definitely showing it.