It’s the week before finals, and I’m so stressed, ugh! Sometimes I feel like pulling a Britney and shaving my head :p

I haven’t been doing much lately, though I’m in Strozier right now killing time and charging my phone.

So! Let’s talk about a recent problem I’ve been having. I colored my hair back to black a few weeks ago (after that failed brown attempt in February…) and…my hair hasn’t quite been feeling as it usually does. For the first two weeks after coloring, it felt like I had Barbie doll hair, and it’s SO DAMAGED. I think it might be from the ammonia and the fact that I colored exactly six weeks after the previous time? But eesh! I have ridiculous split ends and my hair feels like straw instead of the soft, lustrousness that it was before šŸ˜¦ I have to get a haircut, I know, but I have too much I need to deal with right now to go and do that. I wish I had someone who could just cut my hair for free. But, I don’t, so I have to deal with it. I’m going to do a coconut oil treatment today or tomorrow to see if that will help at all. I could just trim my split ends myself a la Daven Mayeda (look him up on youtube!), but I think that will be weird…. What if I mess up, you know? Though lately I’ve had my hair up in a bun because of how bad it looks so I guess it won’t make much of a difference.

My phone is decently charged, I’m going to head out. What should I do?

Until later.


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