I need a better hobby.

My boyfriend says I need a hobby.

Well, I always thought that blogging, shopping, and watching foreign dramas were good hobbies, but apparently they aren’t. So, I’ve decided to take up sewing and knitting. Why not, right? They’re valuable skills. I also want to get certified in CPR and first aid, so I’ll look for some classes offered in my area.

To be honest, I’m really bored with my life at the moment. I can’t seem to do anything right, even the things that I like. I need something to keep me busy. But at least the days are getting longer so I can stay out more. That’s one good thing.

As a recap for this past (incredibly uneventful save for one day) spring break, I went “window-shopping”, went on an adventure that tested my physical strength, and practiced my Chinese. I don’t want school to start, but I need to be productive so I won’t complain.

Anyway, here are my previous purchases as promised:

Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel with pump. The actual product is at my sink and my roommate is there so I’m just putting the photo of the box. $24.50 at Clinique counters or online.

MAC Sheen Supreme in Korean Candy (repromote). I LOVE this color! Wow! It’s a nice pinky-coraly-orange. Looks very orange on me, but it is so perfect. Has a nice finish and is very moisturizing. $14.50? at MAC counters and online.

From left to right: Rimmel Lasting Finish pro nail polishes in 230 Hot Cocoa, 270 Steel Grey; MAC Sheen Supreme in Korean Candy; Bath and Body Works body lotion in Sea Island Cotton; Maybelline waterproof ultra liner in dark brown; Garnier Fructis curl sculpting cream gel; Revlon top sped fast dry nail enamel in 430 Chili; Rimmel Lasting Finish pro nail polish in 240 English Rose; O.P.I Avioplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil; Revlon multi care base+top coat; Keychain for school spirit!; and MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in stubborn brown. I bought everything either at CVS, Amazon, and the mall.

Last, but not least!

Long sleeve vnecks ($6.80) and plain black cami ($2.80) from Forever21.

Thinking about it, doesn’t it look like I do a lot of shopping? Uh oh. Well, some of the polishes I bought in January, and the rest I bought over the time span of roughly six weeks.

I’ll be reviewing the nail polishes possibly tomorrow or Tuesday! But don’t hold me to that, I keep procrastinating…

For now, I’m just going to clean up my room a little (probably) and get ready for school tomorrow. Yay. I think.


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