I had such a good day today!

Yeah Chiefs and bathroom roomie woke up me, BUT!

  • I made the impossibly long walk from my apartment to the garnet stop while carrying two ridiculously heavy packages that needed to be sent to amazon.
  • Went to the Chinese language table at the SLC! Finally! 
  • Saw Kia! She switched from pre-med to psych, she’s much happier, which was nice to hear. She told me Fattie is still super busy =/ I miss her.
  • Went to the mall with Helen to go.. shopping?
  • Ate a gyro yummmmm
  • Bought a concealer from MAC!
  • Bought underwear at victoria’s secret!
  • My satin pillowcases came in!!

This is where I include pictures of my smiling face with my new purchases, but I just got out of the shower and my camera is in my purse, super far away.

Also, I went to the mall to buy concealer, a small crossbody bag, and a black zip hoodie.

I only bought the concealer lol.

But I had fun anyways 🙂


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