I’m sick! D’:

I came home yesterday afternoon, ate a delicious Publix apple danish, and took a nap. When I woke up from my nap, my head felt foggy and congested, and I was sniffling up a storm. I’m sick, and feeling miserable 😦

Sigh. I didn’t go to class today because of it. I have missed class so much this semester! UGH! I need to stop. At least I’m waking up early without any problems now, though. But seriously, if it isn’t one thing, then it’s another.

I ordered some pho from a local (the only) restaurant that sells it, thinking some hot soup would make me feel better. Nope. I won’t say it tasted bad, but there wasn’t an adventure in my mouth. It just tasted… bland. The same. No differences in texture because the meat and vegetables were over-boiled, and no varieties in flavor because… I have no idea. It was very disappointing.

Right now I’m hating my life. I have some Publix tylenol that I bought a few months ago when I was last sick, but that stuff doesn’t work! I’m wondering if I should go and make the walk to Winn-Dixie, but to be quite honest, I don’t want to leave my apartment because I feel that sick. Still, since my throat gets so sore, I’ll probably make the ten minute walk there anyways.

Here’s to hoping I’m not dying on Monday.


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