Went to Topper’s on Pensacola, in the plaza with Aveda and Gold’s Gym to get a haircut yesterday. I had a black girl do my hair because the owner had a family emergency, and she was really nice! Though it was kinda annoying how everyone in the salon kept commenting on how long my hair was, how thick my hair was, and that I had a lot of hair. Not cool. I felt uncomfortable and saying that is definitely not necessary. Anyways, maybe I’m just too sensitive. Other than that, I like how she styled and cut my hair, and she had a lot of energy. She didn’t talk too much, but she kept conversation going. All in all, it was pretty pleasant. I paid $50, and I gave a $15 tip, standard, I think. Anyways when I walked up the hill to panera, I noticed my roots started to curl! But probably because it was really humid outside? I don’t know. Sigh. She should have used anti-frizz serum.

Got home and noticed that she didn’t even make my part straight, either.

Yeah, next time I go, I’m definitely having the owner do my hair.

Also, because when I asked how much it would cost to have someone color my hair, I found out it would cost $150 plus because of the work involved ;_;

Sooooooo I’ll just dye my hair myself, at home. Not like I’m doing a crazy color like blonde or anything, so I should be fine.

Btw, here’s a picture of my frizz after I got home and hair color, lol. It’s a little faded now since I did it in October, but I like how it’s turning out, don’t you think?

BUT OMG MY HAIR IS SO LONGGGG D:< Makes me not want to cut it 😦 I want to do the cut Tiffany from SNSD had during their Tell Me Your Wish promotions. So pretty, so simple, sigh.

I also painted my nails red but that’s another post for another day because I haven’t uploaded those pictures from my camera yeet.


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