So… how do these introduction entries go?

My name is Valeria. I’m Hispanic, 20, and a junior in university.

I’m so cool I can’t control myself.

My hobbies include spending hours upon hours of practicing my Chinese, watching Korean dramas, and cooking. Well, eating. I’m also trying to get fit and lose the (undisclosed) amount of weight I’ve gained since I turned 16. But don’t worry, I didn’t gain a ridiculous amount. At least I’m telling myself I didn’t.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I would really like to be happy. And a badass. But, I guess happiness comes first.

MyPrettyRui will be a blog about anything and everything that I want, enjoy, and admire. Not exactly a journal, not exactly a diary, it’s more like… I don’t know. Regular documentation? Memories? An index?

I have no clue.

You can reach me on Twitter at @wanliway, or through e-mail at wanlirui.91@gmail.com.

Glad to meet you~


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